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You have a good idea?
We have a good team.

Our goal: to co-create startups with good breeding and shared values. Without being a co-working space, an investment fund or a business incubator, we offer digital expertise, dedicated desks and access to an entrepreneur ecosystem for startups in the fields of communities, mobile apps, SaaS plateforms and ecommerce.


A progressive and
effective program.

During two 3-month phases, you'll be immersed in our agency. Together, we'll co-build the startup via a collaborative approach: design thinking, brainstorming, prototyping, design and development, defining the economic model, using innovative technologies ... Everything that will grow your idea into a veritable business structure, credible, strong and viable.

A real
digital for equity


Work here in
total immersion

We've made a place for you here. Your place. No need to schedule meetings anymore: we share the same space. Let's share our days as well.


Real skills
at your fingertips.

The agency is no longer a service provider but a partner. Because ideas multiply when shared, we enrich each other.


An entrepreneurial

Around Wokine revolves an ecosystem rich in skills, with entrepreneurs and partners grounded yet reaching for the stars, who will be there to support startups in their development.


Les start-ups en cours de création par Kowin.


Tell us your story,
we'll tell you ours.

No matter whether the idea comes from us or from you, we always need killer talents to make it grow.
If you're an entrepreneur with a cutting-edge idea, a manager with some development goals, or a digital genius (backend developer, UX designer, frontend creative, art director..), come say hello, we're waiting with coffee and hot croissants.

Send your pitch

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