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Zenith Arena de Lille.

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The Zenith Arena in Lille is one of the main concert and event halls in the Hauts-de-France. After nearly ten years of collaboration, we had carte blanche to create the new site.


We wanted to capitalize on the "experience" aspect that such a room can provide to its visitors. In addition to that, we wanted to go against the current of competing sites: to offer a site based on the list of events by maximizing access to the most requested content.

What we did.
  • Digital strategy
  • User experience
  • Art direction & Design
  • Web development

The Zenith Arena Experience.

Upon arrival on the site, the visitor is immersed in the atmosphere with an immersive video. Then, he just has to scroll to find out about upcoming events. It’s simple, direct, and effective.

A well thought-out menu.

Rather than offering basic navigation, we focused on what the visitor really want at the time of his visit. He can consult the events of the week, the month, or next month, or discover how to organize himself to get the most out of his experience at the Zenith.

Events first.

The event catalogue is the central element of the site. This page has been designed to maximize the visibility of each event, and that’s all. As you roll over, the artist’s name changes to the date of the event. Thus, all the important information of the event is perfectly highlighted for a direct understanding.

To facilitate navigation among the dozens of events scheduled, the user can, via a modern and functional drop-down menu, choose a month or a period. This directly updates the event list, and remains fixed at the scroll for permanent access. Thus, the visualization of the catalogue is greatly simplified.

Impacting event pages.

Like the events catalogue, event pages are purged of all other content. The objective is to have an impactful page, highlighting the visuals and content for an easy and fluid reading. Each event can be accompanied by variable content, such as text, images or videos.


Be well prepared.

A concert at the Zenith in Lille is an event, one of the main events of the year for many. In order to provide clear and direct content for a very broad target audience, we have redesigned the content to extract essential elements such as access, security, parking or organization, and condense them into a single location. The aim was to clearly answer recurring questions such as “What time should I arrived.

Clear and accessible content.

This is the whole purpose of the site: to provide pages with clear and easy to read content. Each page has been made with a simple but very clean structure, in order to highlight this content designed for those who will read it.

A trace of their passage.

The Zenith used to photograph each artist that comes, and have them signed. To honour this initiative and make them visible to visitors, we have created a dedicated page.

Suitable for mobile.

The moving target is a target to be preferred on this type of support, but not only. It is also necessary to think about how the visitor will be able to navigate through the long list of events. Everything has been designed to make this visit easier, whether on a smartphone or on a tablet. Result: a mobile traffic that goes from 20 to 60%!

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