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A tailor-made website for the launch of a new brand.

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Launched in 2020, the Waterlab brand (a subsidiary of the Enygea group) was then non-existent on the web. It was necessary to produce a showcase and corporate site to enable it to boost its online visibility, bring in business and recruit new talent.


We worked closely with the Waterlab teams to define the content and to think about how it should be presented on the site. Work on the content and form was essential to produce a modern website that reflects the image of Waterlab.

To make the new brand modern.

As Waterlab is a new brand, it was necessary to create a modern medium, combining micro-interactions, clean content highlights and high quality visuals. The overall experience of the site is based on a balance between these 3 points.

Full screen navigation.

To facilitate access to the content and offer a different experience for this type of subject, we created a full-screen menu, a pretext for supporting the creative universe proposed to the brand via animations and transitions.

Propose an original performance.

Waterlab deals with a very technical subject. Rather than proposing a simple photographic display, we wanted to play on an original and simplified representation of the water circuit. Thus, our artistic direction proposes a succession of round shapes, which are as many pretexts to add photography, movement, and symbolism.

Responsive declination.

Our ergonomic, creative and editorial approach is of course perfectly suited to all devices, tablets and smartphones.

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