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Région des musées.

Promote the artistic wealth of the museums of Hauts de France.


The Hauts de France wished to promote the artistic wealth of the museums in its region, which includes 46 museums certified “Musées de France”, as well as more than 150 unusual and cultural sites.


We wanted to create an immersive web site that was accessible to as many as possible. As the content was visually extremely rich (works of art...), we needed to optimize the experience to accompany the visitor in his museum tour. Targeting tourists from nearby countries (Belgium and the United Kingdom) visiting the regions was a necessity. Visually, the site had to accompany the beauty of each work of art, no matter what its style.

What we did.
  • Concept
  • UX Design
  • Development

An immersive promenade through the cultural wealth of the Hauts de France region.

The first objective was to have a design and a user experience created to highlight the works of art displayed. The design thus employs off-whites, browns, and warm and somber colors to reflect the ambience of the works. The second objective was to create an easy and obvious link between the work of art and the museum where it is housed. This was accomplished by highlighting the work and using a simple geolocalization of the museums and the unusual cultural sites.

Dive into the history of museum treasures.

The main section of the site is a chronological timeline. This represents, in a fluid and interactive manner, a sampling of all the museums of the Hauts de France region have to offer.

Discover the works of art even before seeing them.

Each work in this timeline opens in full-screen format, for a total immersion into its description. A wonderful way to learn a lot before organizing your stay in the region.

46 museums certified “Musées de France”.

Along with the the works of art, the site enables the user to view the complete list of museums in the Hauts de France region and to easily program his stay and organize his cultural itinerary.

The region, around its museums.

The site also offers rich editorial content about the region, details about its museums, their advantages, the news, and also a Social Wall where museum visitors have published their memories using the hashtag #rdmusees.

Developed for all devices.

The entire site was of developed using responsive design and is available on all terminals, both mobile and fixed.

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