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Promote Hauts de France's audiovisual productions.

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Pictanovo commits to authors, film directors, technicians, actors and entrepreneurs to support them in their audiovisual productions in Hauts de France. Their goal was to show what they do, what their services are, and especially all their supported works, with dynamics and originality.


The solution we came up with was based on video, and we wanted to create the layout and ergonomy around this. The website has to be simple, but original enough to magnify the productions. It's that video / destructured design / reactive ergonmy association that we started from.

What we did.
  • Consulting
  • User Experience
  • Design
  • Development

A reactive and dynamic website based on video.

Pictanovo, who provide support and solutions for Hauts de France movie productions, have a big video database. We make these video a centerpiece of the design.

A dynamic and simple navigation

The menu comes all over the website, which makes the user fully immerse into Pictanovo’s universe. It’s also a good reason to add a quick showreel of supported stuff.

A dive into supported work.

Pictanovo has supported more than 730 movies in Hauts de France. So we dedicated a whole part of the website to that catalog, by highlighting image/video as much as their title.

A dynamic structure for each page.

We didn’t want the pages looks like each other. So, to avoid the “template” feeling of the layout, we made a specific layout for each page, depending on its content.

Optimized for mobile.

The mobile experience is always different, but have to make the user feel the same emotions. The website is optimized for mobile but keep the main features, main content, and main animation style.

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