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Since 2001, Lillelanuit has been the #1 most visited and active cultural events schedule for the Hauts de France region. With over 400 events presented each month, a method needed to be found to organize and optimize searches.


As all the events were already geolocalized in the Lillelanuit.com directory, we developed a multiplatform application which allows users to find events close to them at any given time. Moreover, in order to refine the enormous schedule, we developed an algorithm which only proposes events likely to interest the user. When combined, these two functions enable improved optimization and an enhanced choice of activities.

What we did.
  • Mobile App
  • UX & UI Design
  • Development
  • Social strategy

Filter, organize, go out.

The entire application is based on a simple principle: propose events which are likely to interest you. To better target user expectations, the application asks them to select their tastes and preferences. The algorithm then interprets these results to filter the enormous calendar of events in the database of lillelanuit.com. The user may change his preferences at any time.

Find events happening near you anytime you want.

The star feature of the application enables the user to see all the events happening near him at any given time.

All your events at your fingertips.

The home screen lets you see at a glance all the events happening in real time, or during the day. With a left swipe, the user can page through the days of the week. The application is optimized to display 7 consecutive days of personalized events.

Optimize your own schedule.

In order to optimize his schedule, the user can bookmark the events which interest him most. That way, his friends can see that he’s planning to attend.

See what interests your friends.

The user can also see which events his friends are interested in, view the number of friends planning to attend an event displayed on his application, and even join them, if he wishes!

Available on every device.

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store since August 2016, with already hundreds users.

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