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Le Rhône.

A site about a documentary series on the Rhône River.

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The Rhone project is initiated by the two organizations InTent and Waterpreneurs. The latter wished to trust our agency to increase the awareness of the general public on the issues of the Rhone. They called upon Wokine to highlight their documentary, the issues and the existing entrepreneurial solutions around this river. They also hope to offer the possibility to new entrepreneurs to join the project.


Wokine wanted to put video content at the center of the site's universe to immerse the visitor in the environment of the Rhône. This strategy resulted in a multilingual platform (French and English) to reach the territories that cross this river. This immersive mini-site also allows visitors to discover the origin of the project and the environment of the Rhône. Beyond a simple immersion, the dynamism of the site allows to make this content accessible and to spread the word about the project to encourage more actors to get involved in the project.

What we did.
  • Artistic direction
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Integration
  • Development
  • Consulting

The documentary in the foreground.

The documentary is the gateway to the site, literally. The homepage starts with the title of the series and a quick explanation of the project. When scrolling, we realize that the animated background is taken from images of the film that were blurred. You can then launch the movie.

The three movies are presented in a row with, for each one, a description of the episode and some visuals. You can also start/stop the playback at any time during the navigation thanks to a floating player.

5 major issues

And a presentation of the actors proposing solutions. The Rhône has been exploited and transformed by the hand of Man and these transformations have consequences. The challenge of the site was also to put forward the actors who work to find solutions to these problems.

A wealth of information on the river.

The documentary was also a pretext to speak more globally about the Rhône. The site is intended to be a reference for data on the Rhône.
The information is sourced and there is no lack of links to go further.

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