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A bespoke site to accompany the launch of the ball in League 1 Uber Eats and League 2 BKT.

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Kipsta is the soccer brand of Decathlon. Wokine has the pleasure to accompany this customer for several years now. This last one trusts us again for a beautiful project: create an event website to announce its partnership with the Professional Football League. The goal is to announce that the Kipsta ball will be used for the Ligue 1 Uber Eats and Ligue 2 BKT matches.


We wanted to offer a real immersion around this product and the Kipsta brand by playing on the emotional aspect.
The objectives of this site are to give visitors a real experience, to promote this historic partnership and also to respond to a conversion issue to lead to a purchase.

What we did.
  • Artistic direction
  • UI design
  • Integration


The site was designed in three parts. The entrance of the site highlights the revelation of the balloon design. We wanted a very eventful animation with a balloon that goes from shadow to light and an almost cinematic animation of the texts.

The technical feat of having a balloon of exemplary reliability was also to be put into images.

... And a transmitter of emotions.

The ball will be used by the champions but is accessible to everyone. This is what Kipsta wanted to tell through the presentation films which are accessible directly in the page.

What if we want to buy it?

Around the ball, a whole range of products has been developed. Shirts, goals, bags, but also replica balls are branded with the effigy of the Ligue 1 Uber Eats and the LFP.

The page was primarily focused on immersion but also needed presentations of own products and links to the Decathlon site to buy them.

And on mobile? Of course.

With over 70% of Kipsta’s traffic on mobile, it was essential that the experience be just as fluid and immersive on smaller screens. Doubt it? Try it out!

But also the League 2 BKT.

Kipsta also becomes official supplier of the League 2 BKT. The ball uses exactly the same technology for both competitions, which is unprecedented. The design of the ball features a different pattern that enhances the territories.

A perfect declination.

The ball of the League 2 BKT benefits from a dedicated site which is a declination of the one of the League 1 Uber Eats. The blue and the red give way to the green and orange which dress the ball of the League 2 BKT. All the visuals have been designed to be interchanged to obtain two identical sites, but with different identities.

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