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Christophe Willem.

A coloured website for his fifth studio album "Rio".

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Christophe Willem is a french artist. He released his fifth studio album called "Rio" on September 29th 2017. For this occasion, Sony Music France has commissioned us to make a dynamique website that follows the coloured universe of the album.


The "Rio" artwork is full of life and colors. We came out with a simple one-page website, but full of elements that remains of the spicy universe of its music videos and album artwork.

A coloured one-page website.

The new album “Rio” graphic identity is very coloured, almost exotic. We wanted to make the user free to discover this universe, with a spicy one-page website, filled with slight parallax animations.

Focused on media.

In order to highlight Christophe Willem’s photographies, we created a slideshows that shows each photograph in fullscreen view.

Content rich.

The website was made as a single piece of the commercial campaign of the album. The lyrics are displayed in fullscreen so everyone can go over the website and sing along.

Optimized for mobiles.

We had a big constraint : the website has to be loaded within 3 seconds on a smartphone with regular 3G connexion. We optimized each image, and deleted every excessive visuals and videos, and used the lazyload loading technic.

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