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Rejuvenate the digital image of the brand, propose a semi e-commerce site offering the rich catalog of the brand, and create a management and e-learning platform for all collaborators.


Our first objective was to rejuvenate the digital image of the brand which was suffering from an obsolete internet site and graphic chart. This simplification and visual modernisation were the guidelines for the development of the e-commerce site. The management and e-learning platform had to be simple to be usable by all the collaborators despite aging computer equipment. Interventions. Concept Design. UX Design. Development. Photography.

What we did.
  • Concept
  • Design
  • UX Design
  • Development
  • Photography

An intuitive search engine.

We wanted to make the search engine a veritable gateway to the brand’s rich catalog. So with a single click, it occupies the entire menu, plunging the user into his search, thereby simplifying it.

Refine the catalog.

As we were unable to process several thousand photos from many different sources, we began by finding a way to enhance them as they were, by placing them in a clearer and more pared down environment.

Rich and detailed product sheets.

Each product is accompanied by a variety of different types of content and photos. We decided to create product sheets with lots of white space, written in a slightly narrative style, which lead the user from simple descriptions to more detailed features, while also offering tutorial or explanatory videos as well as secondary photos. A quick access bar in each section of the product sheet remains at the top of the page for direct access to information.

Geolocalyzed products.

Each product sheet is also accompanied by a localization tool enabling the user to find the product in a nearby store.

Rich content.

Along with presenting their catalog, Bizline also wanted to offer rich and varied content around their brand, their products, their philosophy, and their dedication to quality.

Available everywhere.

In order to enable continuous access to the entire catalog anytime, anywhere, responsive design was used for the site.

An extranet tool for management and training.

As well as the catalog site, we also developed an extranet tool enabling the brand’s collaborators to manage after-sale service returns and to train themselves via an e-learning module.

An e-learning module.

The brand had the possibility of making e-learning modules available to its collaborators to train them in the latest sales techniques and the specificities of the latest products available for sale.

A reusable Serious Game platform.

In order to motivate the teams, the platform offers a reusable, customizable Serious Game module. In this case, a game for the Euro 2016 was created, offering all the brand’s collaborators a chance to challenge themselves and perhaps win tickets to a match.

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