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A centre specialising in the valorisation of aquatic products

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Aquimer assists companies in their innovation and development projects (search for scientific, technical and industrial partners, etc., up to the point of obtaining financing and bringing new products, services and processes to market). The request was to have a modern site highlighting their approach.


As in all institutional fields, it is sometimes difficult to take a creative approach that does not undermine the demands and rigour of the subject. For Aquimer, we were keen to provide this creative response that would allow them to stand out and above all to have a brand image that matches the innovation they propose.

Institutional yes, but creative and harmonious.

We are always keen to provide a creative response to areas that, by definition, do not lend themselves to it. For Aquimer, the idea was to bring the symbolism of the sea, conveyed by a video of the ocean permanently in the background, and light micro-interactions to give a dynamic and different whole.

Visual and ergonomic navigation.

The navigation is a good example of the visual atmosphere we wanted to create. The menu opens on content illustrated by qualitative photographs, thus bringing dynamism and a small innovative side. The sub-headings are accessible directly in the header of the site, allowing you to move from one content to another easily.

Visual balance.

The layouts vary according to the content to play on both the strength and aesthetics of the darker tones, and the clarity of the lighter tones.

Mobile friendly.

The templates are designed and optimised to be displayed on all devices, while maintaining the creative requirements and clarity of the widescreen versions.

Modern art direction from start to finish.

We want to offer Aquimer a site with varied layouts to enhance the various contents. Thus, each page offers a different experience but consistent with the artistic and ergonomic choices we have made.

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